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The America's Cup Race is the oldest international sport competition still in force; any country may enter the challenger trials, with no limit on the number of boats per country. A series of trials among the challengers (Louis Vuitton Cup) determines which crew will represent its country and meet the winner of the defender races (among boats of the country holding the title). The challenger and defender then compete in a series of races for the cup.

The first contest for the prize, originally known as the Queen's Cup, was sponsored by the Royal Yacht Squadron of Great Britain as part of an international exhibition in London in 1851. Members of the New York Yacht Club competed in the race with the 170-ton schooner America, which in August 1851 sailed against 14 Royal Yacht Squadron ships in a race around the Isle of Wight. America won the prize, a silver cup. In 1857 the cup was presented to the New York Yacht Club, to be held as a world trophy; thereafter it was known as the America's Cup. In 1983 the Australia II defeated the United States entry, Liberty, for the first victory by a non-American boat in the race's history. Until 1983 American entries had successfully defended the cup 25 consecutive times.

Edition Year Winner (skipper) Score Runner-up
XXXVI 2021 Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL (Peter Burling) 7-3 Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, ITA
XXXV 2017 Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL (Peter Burling) 7-1 Oracle Team, USA
XXXIV 2013 Oracle Team, USA (James Spithill) 9-8 Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL
XXXIII 2010 BMW Oracle Racing, USA (James Spithill) 2-0 Alinghi, SUI
XXXII 2007 Alinghi, SUI (Brad Butterworth) 5-2 Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL
XXXI 2003 Alinghi, SUI (Russell Coutts) 5-0 Team New Zealand, NZL
XXX 2000 Black Magic, NZL (Russell Coutts) 5-0 Prada Luna Rossa, ITA
XXIX 1995 Black Magic, NZL (Russell Coutts) 5-0 Young America, USA
XXVIII 1992 America3, USA (B Koch, Harry Melges*) 4-1 Il Moro di Venezia, ITA
XXVII 1988 Stars & Stripes, USA (Dennis Conner) 2-0 New Zealand, NZL
XXVI 1987 Stars & Stripes, USA (Dennis Conner) 4-0 Kookaburra III, AUS
XXV 1983 Australia II, AUS (J Bertrand) 4-3 Liberty, USA
XXIV 1980 Freedom, USA (Dennis Conner) 4-1 Australia, AUS
XXIII 1977 Courageous, USA (T Turner) 4-0 Australia, AUS
XXII 1974 Courageous, USA (T Hood) 4-0 Southern Cross, AUS
XXI 1970 Intrepid, USA (W Ficker) 4-1 Gretel II, AUS
XX 1967 Intrepid, USA (E Mosbacher Jr) 4-0 Dame Pattle, AUS
XIX 1964 Constellation, USA (RN Bavier Jr, E Riddler) 4-0 Sovereign, Eng
XVIII 1962 Weatherly, USA (E Mosbacher Jr) 4-1 Gretel, AUS
XVII 1958 Columbia, USA (BS Cunningham) 4-0 Sceptre, Eng
XVI 1937 Ranger, USA (HS Vanderbilt) 4-0 Endeavour II, Eng
XV 1934 Rainbow, USA (HS Vanderbilt) 4-2 Endeavour, Eng
XIV 1930 Enterprise, USA (HS Vanderbilt) 4-0 Shamrock V, Eng
XIII 1920 Resolute, USA (CF Adams II) 3-2 Shamrock IV, Eng
XII 1903 Reliance, USA (C Barr) 3-0 Shamrock III, Eng
XI 1901 Columbia, USA (C Barr) 3-0 Shamrock II, Eng
X 1899 Columbia, USA (C Barr) 3-0 Shamrock, Eng
IX 1895 Defender, USA (HC Haff) 3-0 Valkyrie III, Eng
VIII 1893 Vigilant, USA (W Hansen) 3-0 Valkyrie II, Eng
VII 1887 Volunteer, USA (HC Haff) 2-0 Thistle, Sco
VI 1886 Mayflower, USA (MVB Stone) 2-0 Galatea, Eng
V 1885 Puritan, USA (A Crocker) 2-0 Genesta, Eng
IV 1881 Mischief, USA (N Clock) 2-0 Atalanta, CAN
III 1876 Madeline, USA (J Williams) 2-0 Countess of Dufferin, CAN
II 1871 Columbia / Sappho, USA (N Comstock / S Greenwood) 4-1 Livonia, Eng
I 1870 Magic, USA (A Comstock) 1-0 Cambria, Eng
- 1851 America, USA (R Brown) - ---
* Harry "Buddy" Melges was the first skipper to win both an Olympic gold medal (Soling 1972) and the America's Cup.

Medal Table

Ps. Country Wins Years
1. United States 30 147
2. New Zealand 4 12
3. Switzeland 2 7
4. Australia 1 4
4 TOTAL 37 170

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