American Football / World Bowl (NFL Europe)

The NFL Europe League started life in 1991 as the "World League of American Football". It was created by the NFL as a way to spread the popularity of American Football world-wide. The original World League consisted of ten teams: six in the United States, one in Canada and three in Europe (London Monarchs, Frankfurt Galaxy and Barcelona Dragons). The league was suspended after the 1992 season and the decision was made to restructure the league, making it Europe only. The league returned in 1995 with the three original European teams and three new teams: Amsterdam Admirals, Rhein Fire (based in Düsseldorf) and Scottish Claymores. The London Monarchs were suspended after the 1998 season, and replaced by the Berlin Thunder for 1999. In 2004 Cologne Centurions replaced Barcelona Dragons, and in 2005 Hamburg Sea Devils replaced Scottish Claymores. Therefore, of the six teams, five were from Germany, and what started as a World league, changed to a European league and became almost a country league. 2007 was its final season.


Edition Year Winner Score Runner-up
XV 2007 Hamburg Sea Devils 37-28 Frankfurt Galaxy
XIV 2006 Frankfurt Galaxy 22-7 Amsterdam Admirals
XIII 2005 Amsterdam Admirals 27-21 Berlin Thunder
XII 2004 Berlin Thunder 30-24 Frankfurt Galaxy
XI 2003 Frankfurt Galaxy 35-16 Rhein Fire
X 2002 Berlin Thunder 26-20 Rhein Fire
IX 2001 Berlin Thunder 24-17 Barcelona Dragons
VIII 2000 Rhein Fire 13-10 Scottish Claymores
VII 1999 Frankfurt Galaxy 38-24 Barcelona Dragons
VI 1998 Rhein Fire 34-10 Frankfurt Galaxy
V 1997 Barcelona Dragons 38-24 Rhein Fire
IV 1996 Scottish Claymores 31-27 Frankfurt Galaxy
III 1995 Frankfurt Galaxy 26-22 Amsterdam Admirals
II 1992 Sacramento Surge 21-17 Orlando Thunder
I 1991 London Monarchs 21-0 Barcelona Dragons

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